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Winners Never Cheat : Even in Difficult Times 1st Edition (English, Paperback, Jon M. Huntsman)

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Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: PEARSON ISBN: 9789332518933, 9332518939 Edition: 1st, 2014 Pages: 224
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Times are difficult and uncertain. In times like these, some will say that you can no longer afford principles, ethics or honesty. They're 100% wrong and the proof is right here, in Jon Huntsman's Winners Never Cheat - Even In Difficult Times. Who's Jon Huntsman? Someone who started with practically nothing and made it to Forbes list of America's Top 100 richest people: a self-made multi-billionaire. This book presents the lessons of his lifetime in business - a life that has included the best of times and the worst. The first edition became an instant classic now, Huntsman has thoroughly updated it with new chapters on maintaining your principles in difficult times, when dishonest Sharks seem to be everywhere. This is no mere exhortation - it's as practical as a book can get. It's about how you listen to your moral compass, even as others ignore theirs. It's about building teams with higher values. Sharing success and taking responsibility. Earning the rewards that only come with giving back. Huntsman built his career and fortune on these principles. You don't live them just to Win - you live them because they're right. But in an age of cheating and scandal, Huntsman's life proves honesty is more than right - it's your biggest competitive differentiator. So, consider what kind of person you want to do business with. Then, be that person and use this book to get you there. All author royalties from this book go to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

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